Beckman v. Little Salmon/Carmacks First Nation

Supreme Court of Canada – [2010] 3 S.C.R. 103

Yukon ConsultationHonour of the CrownTreaties


This decision defines the Crown’s duty of consultation and accommodation in the context of modern treaties. Although modern treaties may be more detailed and precise than historic treaties, the honour of the Crown can dictate that there be consultation and accommodation in the instances where rights are affected and the treaty has no procedural provision.

In this manner, “recent” treaties can “evolve” according to the applicable law in Canada. “Reconciliation in the Yukon, as elsewhere, is not an accomplished fact. It is a work in progress.” (par. 52 of the decision)


Does the Government of Yukon have a duty to consult the First Nation of Little Salmon/Carmacks pursuant to a treaty before approving the land grant of 65 hectares to a resident, Larry Paulsen? If yes, what is the scope of this obligation?

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